RevDX (EfA)

RevDx_with hand

EfA (Engineering for all), is developing the RevDx – Revolution Diagnostic system – the first hand-held automatic imaging-based device. Designed to perform on-the-spot affordable testing from a finger-prick in less than 5 minutes. We aim to support treatment decisions near the patient, in the primary care and GPs (General Practitioners/Family physicians) or during home-visit, early as possible to aid in the management of infections, diagnosis of anaemia and hematologic malignancies. RevDx portable location-based system will enable also a real-time Tracking and Mapping solution. EfA team is a multidisciplinary professional team, that won several awards, raised seed round, achieved breakthrough milestones and accelerating the R&D activities to be ready with the beta-version system next year. We are best positioned for execution of our vision to make our lab-on-hand RevDx solution an essential tool for every healthcare provider worldwide and we are looking for a Czech partner to do pilot testing and market-development.


Cereb B-Mode Assist is a software tool for digital analysis of medical images. The software evaluates pathological changes in brain structures based on an ultrasound image and marking a predefined area. Based on a unique method it enables fast, accurate and objective evaluation of echogenicity of brain structures. The results are useful as supportive information for early diagnosis of neurodegerative diseases. In particular, it is Parkinson’s disease, dementia, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. This method is applicable in everyday practice in the fields of radiology, neurology and psychiatry. In cooperation with healthcare facilities we are working on further development in the areas of atherosclerotic artery disease, differentiation of tumor formations and diagnostics of other neurological and psychiatric diseases. The program is designed as a simple software application accessible from anywhere with intuitive operation and instant data evaluation. Supports image import in * jpeg and * dcm formats. The program can be implemented locally (with PACS connection) or used as a cloud service with 24/7 access from anywhere.


OrCam MyEye communicates visual information by utilizing a small, intuitive smart camera mounted on the wearer’s eyeglass frame which connects to a smartphone-sized computer. The world’s most advanced wearable assistive technology solution, OrCam MyEye instantly and discreetly reads any printed text, from any surface – including newspapers, books, computer and smartphone screens, restaurant menus, labels on supermarket products and street signs. The device also recognizes faces of individuals and identifies products and money notes. OrCam relays text and other visual information through a tiny speaker positioned toward the ear.

Chameleon EMR

The Chameleon Electronic Medical Record is a widely used yet flexible solution. As a unified platform Chameleon addresses all departments and wards in the hospital creating a fully continuous care encounter and patient history. In addition, dedicated components of the solution offer deep and detailed clinical content for many disciplines in the hospital, day care units and outpatient clinics. Special attention is given to the most complex, potent and expensive areas such as ER, operating rooms, ICU, Oncology care, Maternity and Rehabilitation. Chameleon’s unique component-based architecture provides a host of logical processes which may be structured individually for each division’s specific needs. 

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